Zodiac Bar & Kitchen Unveils Exciting New Gemini Menu

Zodiac Bar & Kitchen Unveils Exciting New Gemini Menu

Marathahalli, Bangalore – Zodiac Bar & Kitchen, the premier zodiac sign-themed poolside restaurant, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new Gemini menu. Known for bringing a fresh culinary experience to its patrons each month, Zodiac Bar & Kitchen continues its tradition of aligning gourmet delights with the celestial cycle. This month, the versatile and vibrant spirit of Gemini is the inspiration behind our latest menu. 

Our Gemini menu offers a diverse array of dishes, perfectly embodying the dual nature of the zodiac’s most adaptable sign. Guests can start their meal with a Healthy Fresh Salad, featuring sesame lavash, orange vinaigrette, arugula, iceberg lettuce, bocconcini, and sprinkled nuts—a refreshing and nutritious option to tantalize the taste buds. For those craving a unique twist, the Tangy Mango Chicken provides a delightful fusion of chicken cooked in a tangy raw mango sauce, topped with crushed peanuts for an extra crunch. Veggie lovers will relish the American Chop Suey Veg, a harmonious blend of fried noodles with shredded veggies and a pineapple sweet & sour sauce. To end the meal on a sweet note, the Banana Pie, made with crushed cookies, honey-glazed bananas, and coffee cream, promises to be an indulgent treat. 

Complementing these delectable dishes is a selection of cosmic-inspired cocktails and mocktails, each crafted to reflect the dynamic nature of Gemini. The Passion Twist combines passion fruit, fresh lime, and pineapple juice for a tropical kick, while the My Gemini cocktail offers a unique blend of cucumber syrup, vanilla syrup, and fresh lime, reflecting the duality of Gemini. For a magical touch, the Magical Mist features a blend of fresh lime and lavender. Meanwhile, the Foxy cocktail mixes passion fruit, cranberry, and lime for a vibrant and refreshing drink, and the Popcorn Treat provides a playful combination with popcorn syrup. 

For those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, our mocktails are equally enticing. The Koze mocktail blends pineapple juice, lychee, lime, and strawberry for a refreshing and fruity experience, while the Mango Punch offers a tropical mix of mango juice, mango crush, and lavender, providing a sweet and soothing drink. 

A Poolside Dining Experience Like No Other
Zodiac Bar & Kitchen offers not just a meal, but an experience. Set by the poolside in the vibrant locality of Marathahalli, our ambiance is designed to transport guests to a celestial dining haven. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared and presented, ensuring that every visit is as unique and memorable as the zodiac signs themselves. 

Join Us Under the Stars
Celebrate the lively spirit of Gemini with us throughout this month. Whether you’re a Gemini yourself or simply a lover of exquisite cuisine, our new menu promises an extraordinary dining experience that will leave you starry-eyed. 

About Zodiac Bar & Kitchen
Located in the heart of Marathahalli, Zodiac Bar & Kitchen is a one-of-a-kind dining destination that combines astrological inspiration with culinary innovation. Each month, we bring a new zodiac-themed menu to our guests, ensuring a fresh and exciting gastronomic journey. Our poolside setting and cosmic ambiance make us the perfect place to relax, unwind, and savor the flavors of the stars. 

For reservations and more information, contact us at +91 968664306

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