Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Discover the leading ClimateTech startups in India revolutionizing the fight against climate change. This comprehensive guide covers innovative companies developing cutting-edge technologies in renewable energy, waste management, sustainable agriculture, and carbon footprint reduction. Learn about their unique solutions, impact on the environment, and contributions to a sustainable future. Explore how these startups are leveraging AI, IoT, and green technology to address climate challenges. Stay informed on the latest trends and advancements in India’s ClimateTech sector, and find out which startups are making significant strides towards a greener planet.

1.Ola Electric

ola electric-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: Founded in 2011 in Bengaluru, Ola Electric is a leader in the Indian electric vehicle market. The company focuses on producing electric scooters and e-bikes, and is building India’s largest EV charging network.

Innovation: Ola Electric has introduced innovative e-scooters and e-bikes that feature smart technology integrations, enhancing the user experience. Their Hypercharger Network aims to provide widespread, fast-charging solutions, making EV adoption more feasible for the masses.

Impact: Ola Electric is driving the mass adoption of electric vehicles in India, significantly reducing urban pollution and reliance on fossil fuels. Their extensive charging infrastructure supports the transition to a greener, more sustainable transportation system.

FoundersBhavish Aggarwal
FocusElectric vehicles, EV charging network
Key AchievementsLaunched e-scooters and e-bikes, building India’s largest EV charging network
ola electric-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

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2.Ather Energy

Ather energy-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: Established in 2013 by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, Ather Energy manufactures smart electric scooters and has set up over 350 charging stations across 38 cities in India.

Innovation: Ather Energy’s scooters incorporate AI and IoT, offering features like on-board navigation and predictive maintenance. Their Ather Grid charging infrastructure is designed for easy accessibility and fast charging.

Impact: Ather Energy is redefining urban mobility by providing a cleaner, smarter alternative to traditional scooters. Their efforts help reduce air pollution and promote sustainable transportation solutions in urban areas.

FoundersTarun Mehta, Swapnil Jain
FocusSmart electric scooters, EV infrastructure
Key AchievementsOver 350 charging stations in 38 cities, AI and IoT integration
Ather energy-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

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Zunroof-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: Founded in 2016 by Pranesh Chaudhary and Sushant Sachan, ZunRoof specializes in residential solar rooftop installations, making clean energy accessible and affordable.

Innovation: ZunRoof utilizes advanced technologies for designing and installing solar rooftops, ensuring optimal energy generation and efficiency. Their user-friendly platform simplifies the process of adopting solar power.

Impact: By promoting solar energy, ZunRoof is reducing carbon footprints and helping households transition to renewable energy sources, contributing to a decrease in dependence on non-renewable power.

FoundersPranesh Chaudhary, Sushant Sachan
FocusResidential solar rooftops
Key AchievementsInstalled over 10,000 solar roofs, 30,000 systems designed
Zunroof-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India


Phool-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: Phool, based in Kanpur and founded in 2017, recycles temple flowers into eco-friendly products like incense sticks and organic compost, addressing the issue of temple waste.

Innovation: Phool’s unique process transforms discarded flowers into useful products, preventing environmental contamination. Their innovative packaging, Florafoam, is made entirely from recycled flowers.

Impact: Phool’s operations mitigate the environmental impact of flower waste, promote sustainable practices, and create employment opportunities in local communities.

FoundersAnkit Agarwal, Prateek Kumar
FocusRecycling temple flowers into useful products
Key AchievementsDeveloped Florafoam from recycled flowers
Phool-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India


BluSmart-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: BluSmart, launched in 2019, is India’s first all-electric ride-sharing platform, providing sustainable and affordable mobility solutions.

Innovation: BluSmart integrates smart technology into its electric fleet, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly ride-sharing services. They collaborate with companies like Tata Motors and Jio BP to expand their EV infrastructure.

Impact: By offering a clean alternative to traditional ride-sharing, BluSmart significantly reduces carbon emissions and promotes sustainable urban transportation.

FoundersAnmol Singh Jaggi, Puneet Singh Jaggi, Punit K Goyal
FocusAll-electric ride-sharing platform
Key AchievementsPartnerships with Tata Motors, Jio BP for EV infrastructure
BluSmart-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

6.Banyan Nation

Banyan Nation-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: Founded by Mani Vajipey, Banyan Nation is a pioneering plastic recycling company that produces high-quality recycled plastic, aiming to tackle plastic pollution.

Innovation: Banyan Nation employs eco-friendly cleaning agents and advanced recycling processes to produce near-virgin quality recycled plastic. They use cloud and IoT technologies to streamline the recycling supply chain.

Impact: Banyan Nation’s initiatives are crucial in reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy, thereby lowering environmental pollution and conserving resources.

FoundersMani Vajipey
FocusPlastic recycling
Key AchievementsProduces high-quality recycled plastic, eco-friendly processes
Banyan Nation-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

7.Just Organik

Just Organik-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: Just Organik, founded by Pankaj Agarwal in 2013, is a certified organic food brand that promotes sustainable agriculture and provides healthy, chemical-free food products.

Innovation: The company encourages organic farming practices among farmers, ensuring the production of safe and nutritious food. Their rigorous certification process guarantees the quality and authenticity of their products.

Impact: Just Organik supports sustainable farming, improves farmer livelihoods, and offers consumers healthier food options, contributing to a more sustainable food system.

FoundersPankaj Agarwal
FocusOrganic food production and distribution
Key AchievementsPromotes sustainable agriculture, certified organic products
Just Organik-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

8.Emflux Motors:

Emflux Motors-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview : Emflux Motors, headquartered in Bengaluru, is a pioneering startup focused on revolutionizing the electric motorcycle industry in India. Founded by enthusiasts in 2016, Emflux aims to combine cutting-edge technology with sustainable transportation solutions.

Innovation : Emflux Motors stands out through its development of high-performance electric motorcycles. They have engineered a range of superbikes that not only deliver exhilarating speed and performance but also integrate advanced battery technology and smart features. Their commitment to innovation includes enhancing rider experience through connectivity and advanced telemetry systems.

Impact : Emflux Motors is making a significant impact by promoting electric mobility as a viable alternative to conventional motorcycles. By introducing high-performance electric bikes, Emflux is accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation in India. Their efforts contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner urban mobility, aligning with global sustainability goals.

LocationBengaluru, India
FoundersVarun Mittal, Ankit Khatry, and Vinay Raj Somashekhar
WebsiteEmflux Motors
FocusElectric motorcycles
Key AchievementsDevelopment of high-performance electric superbikes, promoting EV adoption
Emflux Motors-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Emflux Motors Details in Table

9.Carbon Masters

Carbon Masters-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: Carbon Masters, headquartered in Delhi, provides carbon offsetting and verification services, helping businesses achieve carbon neutrality.

Innovation: The company develops and manages carbon offset projects, ensuring transparency and accountability. They offer tailored solutions to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions.

Impact: Carbon Masters facilitates the transition to carbon-neutral operations for businesses, promoting sustainable practices and reducing global carbon footprints.

FoundersKevin Houston, Richard Stobart
FocusCarbon offsetting and verification services
Key AchievementsDevelops and manages carbon offset projects
Carbon Masters-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India


varaha-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Overview: Varaha uses advanced technologies like remote sensing and machine learning to generate high-quality carbon credits, supporting sustainable land use projects.

Innovation: Their Carbon Quantification Tool (CQT) accurately estimates carbon credits, which are then traded on global markets to support carbon-neutral projects. Varaha’s blockchain-enabled SaaS tool ensures transparency and efficiency.

Impact: Varaha’s work in carbon credit generation helps mitigate climate change by encouraging the development and restoration of carbon-neutral interventions, benefiting both the environment and local communities.

FoundersAditya Sinha, Mihir Chandra
FocusCarbon credits, sustainable land use
Key AchievementsAdvanced remote sensing and machine learning for carbon credit generation
varaha-Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

FAQ on Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

Q1. What is the main focus of Ola Electric?

Ola Electric focuses on manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) and building extensive EV charging infrastructure across India. Their goal is to promote the mass adoption of electric transportation and reduce urban pollution through innovative e-scooters and e-bikes.

Q2. How does Ather Energy contribute to sustainable urban mobility?

Ather Energy designs and manufactures smart electric scooters integrated with AI and IoT technology, providing features such as onboard navigation and predictive maintenance. They have also established Ather Grid, a network of over 350 charging stations in 38 cities to support the growing use of EVs.

Q3. What unique approach does ZunRoof take in the renewable energy sector?

ZunRoof specializes in residential solar rooftop installations, using advanced design and installation technologies to optimize energy generation and efficiency. They aim to make clean energy more accessible and affordable, having designed over 30,000 systems and installed more than 10,000 solar roofs across India.

Phool recycles discarded flowers from temples into eco-friendly products such as incense sticks and compost. This innovative approach prevents the environmental damage caused by temple waste, turning it into useful materials and promoting sustainability.

Q5. What makes BluSmart a pioneer in the ride-sharing industry?

BluSmart is India’s first all-electric ride-sharing platform, offering efficient and eco-friendly transportation options. They have partnered with major companies like Tata Motors and Jio BP to expand their EV fleet and charging infrastructure, contributing significantly to reducing carbon emissions in urban areas.

Q6. How does Banyan Nation contribute to plastic waste management?

Banyan Nation focuses on recycling industrial plastic waste into high-quality recycled plastic. Their process uses eco-friendly cleaning agents and integrates cloud and IoT technologies to enhance the recycling supply chain, aiming to reduce plastic pollution and promote a circular economy.

Q7. What role does Just Organik play in promoting sustainable agriculture?

Just Organik produces and distributes certified organic food, encouraging sustainable farming practices among Indian farmers. They ensure that their products are chemical-free and healthy, supporting both consumer health and environmental sustainability.

Q8. How is Servodan Motors disrupting the electric vehicle market?

Servodan Motors develops affordable and efficient electric two-wheelers, making sustainable transportation accessible to a broader audience. Their focus on cost-effective solutions aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the Indian market.

Q9. What services does Carbon Masters offer to businesses?

Carbon Masters provides carbon offsetting and verification services, helping businesses achieve carbon neutrality. They develop and manage carbon offset projects, offering tailored solutions to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions, promoting sustainable business practices.

Q10. How does Varaha generate high-quality carbon credits?

Varaha uses advanced remote sensing and machine learning algorithms to generate high-quality carbon credits. Their Carbon Quantification Tool ensures accurate estimation, supporting carbon-neutral projects and promoting sustainable land use practices, which are crucial for mitigating climate change.


ClimateTech startups in India are experiencing rapid growth due to supportive government policies, increasing investor interest, and technological innovation. Government initiatives like the National Action Plan on Climate Change and Green India Mission provide a favorable environment. Investment from venture capital and impact investors is fueling the development and scaling of innovative solutions. These startups are utilizing technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT to address climate challenges effectively. With rising awareness about sustainability, the sector is poised to play a significant role in mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable development in India.

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