Odisha Takes Innovative Step Live Streaming 12th CHSE Board Exams to Deter Malpractice

Odisha Takes Innovative Step Live Streaming 12th CHSE Board Exams to Deter Malpractice

Odisha Takes Innovative Step Live Streaming 12th CHSE Board Exams to Deter Malpractice In a pioneering move aimed at ensuring the integrity of the examination process, the state of Odisha has decided to implement live streaming for the upcoming 12th Class Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) Board exams. The decision is part of a broader strategy to curb malpractice and unfair means during the examination period.

The live streaming initiative is set to cover examination centers across the state, allowing education authorities and concerned stakeholders to monitor the conduct of exams in real-time. This technological intervention is expected to act as a deterrent against any potential malpractice, ensuring a fair and transparent examination environment.

The move comes in response to growing concerns about the use of unfair means during exams, such as cheating and unauthorized assistance. By introducing live streaming, the Odisha government aims to enhance the overall credibility of the examination process and maintain the sanctity of the board exams.

Education officials in Odisha have emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to uphold the integrity of the education system. The live streaming of exams is expected to serve as a proactive measure to identify and address any instances of malpractice promptly.

Additionally, this initiative aligns with the broader national efforts to embrace digital solutions in the education sector. Live streaming not only provides a tool for real-time monitoring but also fosters a culture of accountability and transparency in the examination process.

While the primary objective is to deter malpractice, the live streaming of exams may also offer benefits in terms of streamlining the examination administration, ensuring adherence to guidelines, and promoting a fair and unbiased evaluation of students’ performances.

As Odisha pioneers this innovative approach, it will be closely watched by other states grappling with similar challenges in maintaining the sanctity of board exams. The success of this initiative could potentially set a precedent for the adoption of technology-driven measures to enhance the credibility of examination processes nationwide.

With live streaming set to become a crucial component of the 12th CHSE Board exams in Odisha, the move reflects a forward-thinking approach to address contemporary challenges in the education sector and to uphold the standards of fairness and meritocracy in the evaluation of students.

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